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David Castiglione Water Restructuring ProjectWhere Science Meets Art

Artisan: David Castiglione, creator of Sacred Sedona Myst

The water used in our hand crafted 100% organic sprays starts its journey from an artesian well in Oak Creek canyon.

Stored in a glass vessel where it then goes up a spiraling copper tube. Next, the water splits at the silver infused, glass snake heads.

Then it makes its way down through elite shungite, rose quartz, and Lemurian crystals where it is then exposed to the built-in stereo that infuses the water with beneficial harmonic frequencies.

Sacred Sedona Myst elevates the mood, calms the nervous system, and refreshes the space around you.

YouTube video

Project video: Find Serenity and Live Better

Contact David Castiglione for more information about this project: 928-203-6720David Castiglione Water Restructuring Project

David Castiglione Water Restructuring Project