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Blue Lotus Love Myst spray is available at wholesale price for retailers and distributors. The wholesale spray is available in a 9-pack display box.

Contact David Castiglione for more information at (928) 203-6720.

Note: White Sage Myst spray is not currently available.

Sacred Sedona Myst - Blue Lotus 9-pack

Natural Alternative to Commercial Air Fresheners

Our sprays are formulated with All Natural Ingredients and Chemical Free.


Sacred Sedona Blue Lotus Love Myst sprayJune 29, 2017

Hello, David!

I wanted to tell you that your product is absolutely incredible. The Blue Lotus spray is the only spray I use anymore. The amount of energetic charge your products have is very rare and I am so happy to carry all of them here at Erewhon.

Thank you so much for all that you do. I show customers daily the Blue Lotus sprays and all of them are consistently so impressed with it.

~ Gabby Horton, Nutrition Supervisor
Erewhon Market, Los Angeles, CA


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Sacred Sedona Myst

Being the Myth.

David Castiglione


Occupation: Artist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Zen Shiatzu and Chi Kung practitioner

Favorite Flower: Blue Lotus

Favorite Place to pick Sage:
Northern California, Utah, Colorado, Arizona

Personal Motto:
“We look for the Myth. We create the Myth.
The Myth is alive. It is real.”


Sacred Sedona Myst products by David Castiglione

Being the Myth

Thirty years ago, while I was bringing hot rocks into a sweat lodge, a Medicine woman from Washington state gently placed Flat Needle Incense Cedar (Cupressus arizonica) on the red hot rocks. As I pulled the smoke over me, the fragrance was absolutely amazing. She mentioned the medicinal uses of cedar were in support of cancer treatment. This cedar has the same actions as white sage, but is more antiviral.

The native uses for White Sage plant are many, including clearing the air, improved sleep, clearing negative energy, increased energy, cleansing objects, nature’s antidepressant, increasing sense of well being, relieving the aura of negativity. My challenge was to make a sage spray that smelled exactly like a fresh sage field.

Pure Blue Lotus combined with pure Damascus Rose and tincture of the Purple Flowers of the White Sage create a unique and wonderful aroma. Harmonics of the heart and colors are infused onto the fluid. Sprayed onto one’s pillow, the blue lotus will give lucid dreams. The odor and effect on the aura are much stronger than other commercially available sage sprays.

Sacred Sedona Myst

My mother is a goddess in my life. My father put me on a sage journey. My grandparents, Charles and Betty Apgar showed me how to create flower pictures with a sacred respect for nature. My grandmother would apologize to the flower she would pick and say, “I will make you live forever.”

Sacred Sedona Myst products by David CastiglioneWhen I lived in the mountains of California, I learned about the uses of Sage, Cedar and Yerba Santa. I wild-crafted these spirit plants with humility, always pruning them so they would grow back more magnificently.

This is how my sprays were born. I created bio-essences and over the years, refined them into mists like a living art form. Then one day, the myth was born. This was eight years ago on Big Bear mountain.

Myths are born in our lives every day. I’m sharing mine as an invitation to create your own.

– David Castiglione


Contact David Castiglione for more information at 928-254-1140 or by message.