Being the Myth

Sacred Sedona Blue Lotus Love Myst sprayJune 29, 2017

Hello, David!

I wanted to tell you that your product is absolutely incredible. The Blue Lotus spray is the only spray I use anymore. The amount of energetic charge your products have is very rare and I am so happy to carry all of them here at Erewhon.

Thank you so much for all that you do. I show customers daily the Blue Lotus sprays and all of them are consistently so impressed with it.

~ Gabby Horton, Nutrition Supervisor
Erewhon Market, Los Angeles, CA


David Castiglione


Occupation: Artist

Favorite Flower: Blue Lotus

Favorite Place to pick Sage:
Northern California, Utah, Colorado, Arizona

Personal Motto:
“We look for the Myth, We create the Myth.
The Myth is alive. It is real.”


Sacred Sedona Myst products by David Castiglione

Being the Myth

My mother is a goddess in my life. My father put me on Sage journey. My grandparents, Charles and Betty Apgar showed me how to make sell flower pictures with a sacred respect for nature. My grandmother would apologize to the flower she would pick and say, “I will make you live forever.”

Sacred Sedona Myst products by David CastiglioneWhen I lived in the mountains of California, I learned about the uses of Sage oil, Cedar and Herbi Sante. I wild-crafted these spirit plants with humility, always pruning them so they would grow back more magnificently.

This is how my sprays were born. I created bio-essences and over the years, refined them into mists like a living art form. Then one day, the myth was born. It was eight years ago on big bear mountain.

Sacred Sedona Myst products by David Castiglione“Let’s have fun today,” my spirit told my mind. “Play with the plants and tie them into sticks of beauty and bounty and don’t think about making money.” Before I knew it, there were 13 fragrant flowered wands on the hodd of my truck.

The next day, a crystal shop bought all but one of the wands. Before I left the store, three customers walked out with two or three of the wands in a gift bag, thanking me. Now the wands are everywhere, embellished with palo santo sticks, amethyst crystals, and feathers from Hopi lands. I personalize them for customers, using their name, date and time of birth.

Myths are born in our lives every day. I’m sharing mine as an invitation to create your own.
– David Castiglione

Sacred Sedona Myst products by David Castiglione