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June 29, 2017

Hello, David! I wanted to tell you that your product is absolutely incredible. The Blue Lotus spray is the only spray I use anymore. The amount of energetic charge your products have is very rare and I am so happy to carry all of them here at Erewhon. Thank you so much for all that you do. I show customers daily the Blue Lotus sprays and all of them are consistently so impressed with it.

~ Gabby Horton, Nutrition Supervisor, Erewhon Market, Los Angeles, CA

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  1. Miss Ronnie Lauderdale said:

    Dear Purveyor of supernatural fragrances, just a brief word of THANKS for introducing me to your products! You have blessed me with the opportunity to smell like Heaven! The fragrances you have shared are all BEAUTIFUL!!! Their fragrances bring about such a serenity within myself and my surroundings. It is my hope that they do the same for anyone who crosses my path. And, your providing this Heavenly product at such an affordable price (in an amazing attractive blue bottle) is hopefully going to allow many others to enjoy your products! Thank you so much! May you continue to be blessed with prosperity, joy, and promotion of your products far and wide. God bless you! Miss Ronnie

  2. The owner of this company gifted this spray to me 🙂 I met him at Starbucks this morning.

    It’s a sage clearing spray, made with oak creek spring water, and the sage essence undergoes color therapy from spinning dichroic glass. And it smells amazing.

    If you’re into this stuff I highly recommend. 🙂

    Thank you David! And so great to meet you.

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