Being the Myth

Eight years ago on a mountain in California a myth was enacted. David was not aware at this time of the full meaning of his endeavors. The only clue was his thoughts of “let’s keep playing this time and not go so quickly into producing sage sticks for money!” Sage sticks are very useful and sold for clearing the air. Before he knew it 13 flowered wands graced the hood of his truck. A flowered wand is a mixture of herbal flowers skilled in art form combining together for beauty. These were the continuing of grandma’s love in David’s life.

People say you cannot make work your play, a very negative myth.

David Castiglione creates living art form products to enhance and endow your life.

Nature’s Voice

My mother (Lois Brooks) is a Goddess in my life! My father (Mario Castiglione) sent me on a White sage journey of its valued properties; my grandmother Betty Apgar showed me how to make flower pictures and sell them. My family were the catalysts instilling within me my direction towards my personal expression presently prevailing. Grandma would talk to all the flowers and apologize to them all before for picking, telling them “but I will make you live for ever.”

Distinctly due to grandma, the myth of talking to nature was afoot. Relating with nature for grandma was her expression of love. Down the road there was a time when living in the mountains I learned the medical applications of white sage following my Dad’s ambition to help others including flat needle cedar and herba sante.

I wild-crafted these plants with conscious respect of the plants themselves, always pruning so they would grow back twice as big. Bio-essences (pure plant form extraction) were created from the plants then formulated into sprays for application. They were refined through the years evolving as a living art-form towards clearing the air and cleansing.